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Paralysis injury compensation

Paralysis refers to the inability to control movement or to detect sensations such as touch and temperature. According to figures, in the UK over 700 people are paralysed after suffering a spinal cord injury.

If you’ve been injured in an accident or due to the negligence of a medical practitioner that has caused you full or partial paralysis you could be entitled to claim for compensation to cover your needs for your future. This can be for your future care, rehabilitation and in some instances your accommodation and travel needs.

Our team of medical negligence specialists have over 25 years' experience of dealing with complex and sometimes legally challenging paralysis injury cases.


"Jeanette Whyman is an experienced practitioner with a caseload that includes neurological and obstetric claims."

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How much is your claim worth?

The figures below are for guidance only. For details of other claim amounts, please go back to our compensation calculator.

Paralysis Estimated compensation value
Quadriplegia £262,300 - £342,835
Paraplegia £177,000 - £241,185


The value of your claim is reliant on a variety of factors; these are very individual to you and your circumstances. When assessing the value of your claim your injuries, the impact on your life and any financial impact both now and in the future are all considerations.

No win no fee injury claims

The majority of our medical negligence and personal injury claims are handled on a no win no fee basis, or a conditional fee agreement to use its technical term. This means there is no financial risk to you. 

The first step in starting your claim for compensation is to call our team or email us to tell us about your whiplash or neck injury, how the injuries were caused, who was involved and where it happened. We’ll also need to know how severe the injuries are and how the incident has impacted your life. Have you needed medical attention, rehabilitation or time off work for example?

From the information you give us our team of expert medical negligence and personal injury solicitors will be able to make an assessment of your claim. We can tell you how likely it will be that your claim is successful and the estimated value of your claim.

When you’re dealing with personal injuries like severe neck and paralysis injuries from either medical negligence or personal injury it is important to choose an expert solicitor who deals with these complex and emotionally challenging cases on a daily basis. A solicitor experienced in this field will be able to assess and work your case to ensure you receive the compensation rightfully yours. Your compensation should cover your lifetime needs. 

" ... in a hospital negligence claim. Jeanette was friendly, compassionate, helpful and professional. The case was successful and I am sure this would not have happened without Jeanette's determination, professionalism and expertise."

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Paralysis claims

Paralysis can mean the loss of use of one or both sides of your body, two or all four of your limbs. It can be permanent or temporary; your mobility may be affected in your fingers, arms, legs or toes. In serious injury cases damage to the vertebra may mean loss of movement from the neck down or an injury to the lower spine could result in paraplegia. In all spinal injury cases if the damage was caused by someone else’s negligence then you can make a claim for compensation.

Paralysis injuries tend to be caused by a serious accident, either on the roads or in a work environment like falling from a height or being crushed. In these cases proving negligence is relatively straightforward for example if another driver caused an accident or an employer didn’t have the correct safety procedures in place. An expert personal injury solicitor will be able to guide you through the process and ensure you receive the highest compensation you are entitled to.

Paralysis due to medical negligence

For paralysis caused by medical negligence it is more difficult to prove if a medical professional has been incompetent or lacked in their duty of care causing you to become tetraplegic or quadriplegic. In these cases it is paramount you work with a medical negligence specialist to ensure your case is fully investigated. Medical negligence cases of paralysis require the opinions or many medical experts to ascertain with medical proof that it was negligence that caused the paralysis.  Our team work with a panel of medical experts and investigators to ensure they can act quickly on your behalf to get the evidence needed to take your case forward.

Time limits

Paralysis like all medical negligence and personal injury cases have strict time limits on making a claim, this is usually three years. It is therefore important that you seek immediate legal advice from an expert as soon as you are aware of an issue.

Our team

Our team of solicitors is led by a recognised expert in medical negligence and personal injury, Jeanette Whyman. Jeanette is accredited by both the Law Society and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. She was described by a client in Chambers 2015 as “first class and lovely to deal with” so you can feel assured you’re in professional and compassionate hands. 

Jeanette is regularly quoted in articles about the NHS, medical negligence cases and personal injury. Her cases are often featured in the national press.

Jeanette and her team have helped hundreds of people who have suffered from neck injuries and trauma recover compensation for their injuries.

We work with a pool of investigators and medical experts to help secure your case. They help us to build a successful case for you looking at your medical reports and injuries, the likely cost of any medical treatment you have needed or may need in the future. Also taken into account are things such as care, rehabilitation, equipment and in some cases accommodation and travel expenses.

By their very nature severe neck injuries or neck trauma cases can take longer to complete than a less serious whiplash compensation claims. It is however important to ensure you receive all the compensation you are entitled to.

"Jeanette Whyman is a well-established figure in the clinical negligence field"

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