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Corporate disputes

Our corporate disputes team are expert problem solvers and have worked with both public and private companies, owner-managed businesses, minority shareholders, high net worth investors and entrepreneurs on a wide range of corporate disputes.

Our corporate disputes services include:

"A strong commercial team frequently instructed in very high value disputes in High Court commercial centres"

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litigtion funding


Some litigants apply for litigation funding to pay their legal costs because without it they would not be able to afford to pursue an action at all. But this is not the only situation in which litigants seek to use litigation funding.

Businesses no longer need to invest and risk their own capital to fund a legal claim.  FISCUS is the funding package that we can offer clients to help manage the financial risk of litigation and move those costs off your balance sheet. 

Find out more about litigation funding options available to you.

Corporate disputes take many forms; they can arise out of a joint venture agreement; a shareholders agreement; a partnership agreement; a corporate acquisition; or simply a dispute between directors.

We provide smart solutions at all stages of the dispute resolution process. This includes:

  • early advice to avoid or prevent a risk or issue escalating and minimise disruption;
  • innovative solutions to maintain longstanding relationships where necessary
  • seeking settlement on commercially acceptable terms by using various methods such as mediation; or,
  • litigation or arbitration, as appropriate
  • urgent action to protect your business including steps to obtain injunctive relief to enforce restrictive covenants, prevent actions by directors in breach of their duties or protect against the mis-use of confidential information.

Our disputes team has over 40 years’ litigation experience and has worked with various funding arrangements for more than 15 years. This combined technical expertise and our flexible approach enables us to help you find the best funding solution to manage cash flow and the financial risk of litigation. A good claim is an asset and funding solutions can help you to realise that asset where cash flow is pressured.

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